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Pear Cut Ring Designs

The pear-cut diamonds are the most common shaped diamonds which are coveted by all. These types of diamonds are preferably worn as a pendant, drop earrings and are widely used as a center stone in various jewelries. Balance in length and width is a must in making pear-cut diamonds. Commonly, a ratio of 1: 5:10 is maintained while creating a pear-cut diamond. The stone's length should differ from the width by one and half times.

Most emphasis is given on the symmetry in pear-cut diamonds for a good reflection. If it is well-shaped, then light is being properly reflected in the centre of the stone. These diamonds are also designed in irregular shapes and are available as small peer-cut diamonds.

These are a few of our most popular designs. All these and other designs can be manufactured in sliver, 9ct or 18ct white or yellow gold, palladium or platinum.

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